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Analysis, balancing, repair, and predictive maintenance

Choose maintenance that's big on performance and low on cost

Fyonas has the expertise to handle the predictive, preventive, and corrective maintenance of your mechanical equipment. We provide support to a variety of established commercial, institutional, and industrial clients. Our modern and comprehensive services ensure that your equipment always operates at peak performance. Fyonas offers you the best there is in maintenance, so contact us today!

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Vibration analysis

Prevent and identify problems

It’s well known that all mechanical equipment in motion generates a distinctive pattern and level of vibration. Thus, by measuring the magnitude and frequency of these vibrations, our experts can accurately assess the condition of the various components of your equipment. An evaluation of these readings allows us to pinpoint the source and cause of an existing or impending problem. This data helps us ensure our clients are spared the hassles of emergency equipment breakdowns, major accidents, and high maintenance costs.

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Dynamic Blancing

Optimize your rotating equipment

Following the vibration analysis, our experts can dynamically balance your mechanical equipment in no time. They can also diagnose and correct misalignment and structural weaknesses, effectively preventing unexpected and costly breakdowns, in addition to extending the life of your equipment.

<State-of-the-art technology You will be able to optimize your equipment and correct all potential causes of a rotating imbalance, thanks to our leading edge technology.

<In emergency situations, our experts will fix your issue onsite and get you back to business without delay.

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Laser Alignment

Prevent equipment wear and tear

Laser alignment is used on couplings of various machines including fans, pumps, gearboxes, compressors, conveyors, etc. It prevents premature wear of drive systems by ensuring a highly accurate 3 axis alignment. This service will keep your equipment running at optimal performance, while extending its service life. And you’ll save considerably on annual costs.

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Mechanical maintenance and repair

Our analyses allow us to get straight down to work

Once we have a precise diagnosis, our experts can perform any necessary repairs or maintenance onsite or in the workshop. You can depend on our highly qualified and experienced team to give you the most comprehensive services available in the market. Entrust your equipment to us, and you’ll enjoy a better performing system.


Specialized Services

Meeting your routine and pumping needs

Wilo and John Brooks Service Centre

Technicians are trained, certified and recommended by Wilo (pump manufacturer) for restoring pumps to their original condition—to ensure you get maximum use out of your pumps.

Edson marine pumps

Perfect for use on docks, they’re specially designed to efficiently pump out bilge from boats. Get the pump, parts, and support that best suit your needs.

Replacement staff

Depending on your specific needs, we have well-equipped, highly qualified personnel to fill in for vacations or prolonged absences, and to accommodate peaks in our work load.

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Instrumentation and Control

Design and manufacture according to your needs

Activate your mechanical devices (pumps and equipment) according to sequence, speed, alarms, layout. Ensure the performance and security of your operations at all times.


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